The X Lab: Processing & Characterization of Structural Metallic Materials

Under the broad heading of Metallic Processing and Characterization of Materials, Dr. Young's research group focuses on the development, processing, and characterization of structural alloys, specifically:

  • shape memory alloys (e.g. NiTi-, Cu-, and Fe-based, etc…)
  • strain glass alloys
  • refractory and reactive metal alloys (e.g. Ti-, Zr-, Hf-, Nb-, and Ta-based, etc…)
  • lightweight alloys (e.g. Al-, Mg-, Ti-, and Zn-based, etc…)
  • amorphous metal alloys
  • high entropy alloys (HEAs) and complex concentrated alloys (CCAs)

Often times, using these structural alloys as a base, his research group also focuses on the development, processing, and characterization of:

  • porous metallic materials
  • metal composites

In terms of characterization techniques, Dr. Young’s research group is especially focused on characterizing materials using neutron, synchrotron and laboratory X-ray scattering in combination with thermomechanical testing. In addition to characterization of structural metallic materials, Dr. Young’s group also examines battery materials (e.g. Pb- & Zn-based) and superconducting materials (e.g. REBCO and MgB2).

Another branch of Dr. Young’s research group involves examining modern and ancient art historical objects by using a multitude of advanced techniques such as optical microscopy, SEM, TEM, neutron diffraction, synchrotron X-ray diffraction and imaging, DSC, FIB, nanoindentation, and 3D atom probe. Most of these cultural heritage objects are of historical significance, so it is important to pay special attention to testing nondestructively and non-invasively.

Some organizations which have worked or are currently working with Dr. Young's group include:

Companies: ATI, The Boeing Company, Bell Helicopter, Dynalloy, Ecobat, Emerson Corporation, Fort Wayne Metals, Halliburton, Nelson Forensics, Queen City Forging Company, RSR Technologies, STI, Weld Mold Company,

Museums: Dallas Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Agencies & Foundations: Air Force Research Laboratories, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Argonne National Laboratories, Army Research Laboratories, Consortium for the Advancement of of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Research and Technology (CASMART), Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI), Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), Forging Industry Association’s Forging Industry Educational & Research Foundation, NASA, National Institute of Health, National Science, Foundation, Partners of the Americas,